About Hidroterra

2019 – Hidroterra starting activity abroad:

Hidroterra will provide Technical assistance for waste management project, administrated by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), in Lviv City, Ukraine. The service’s scope includes assistance for tender documents preparation, tender procedures, environmental assessment of design solutions, and, also, technical supervision of waste management infrastructure objects construction.

During project implementation it is planned to construct Mechanical and Biological Treatment Plant of capacity 250.000 tones/year. Also in the scope of the project will be rehabilitated largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in the Europe Lviv (Hrybovichi) municipal waste landfill, operated since 1950’s, were waste been dumped on the area 30 hectares  and height of waste reaches up to 60 metres

JSC Hidroterra was founded in the year 2005 in Vilnius. The Company supplies its customers with highly qualified designing, engineering and consulting services in waste management, water supply, sewage treatment and other ecological engineering fields. Company employ well qualified water management, waste water treatment, hydro technical, engineering and hydro geology, transport services, waste management specialists.

Hidroterra specialize in environmental management priorities and demands for different human activities. We offer modern and environmental friendly solutions based on newest technologies.

We pay a particular attention to personnel qualification and specialized computer programs.

In the year 2008 the company was granted with qualification notification by the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment. JSC Hidroterra has the certificate No. 4152 which allows us to accomplish designs for the special category buildings.

Our work quality based on ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificates.

JSC Hidroterra's strong side is its team, where young and experienced specialists of different fields work hand in hand to achieve best results for the company. They know perfectly how to deal with nowadays environmental problems and give the way for communicate that knowledge to our everyday life.


Engineering design

Environmental and infrastructure projects are key areas of Hidroterra. Number of feasibility studies, documentation, analysis, technical plans have been developed to design hundreds of kilometres of water supply and sewage disposal infrastructure in various projects maintaining thousands of new water and sewage disposal users.

We do design other types of engineering networks and environmental projects including service and infrastructure prototyping, transportation services and many other civil engineering objects. 

Hydroelectricity, hydro plants

Sewage and water cleaning plants

Industrial, farming objects

Roads, streets

Water supply & sewage infrastructure

Other infrastructure

Environmental protection studies and consulting

Waste management solutions

Waste management infrastructure

PAV, SPAV, PVSV analysis

Investment project and documentation for financing preparation


Hidroterra develops research analysis of existing environmental and infrastructure projects offering innovative, economically sound and environment friendly solutions.

Our work may begin from early stage of environment study, go through feasibility research, application for financing or documentation for governmental tender preparation - up to project analysis, execution and technical supervision of construction stage.


We have accumulated solid experience in finding and offering most effective solutions for drain systems, road pavements in accordance with infrastructure and construction arrangement. We do consult in various environmental topics and prepare environmental documentation (applications for TIPK permissions, PAV, SPAV analysis).

Technical supervision

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