Construction design of large size waste collecting site with storage purpose and administrative purpose buildings in V. A. Graičiūno str. 36d, Vilnius

Client: JSC “VAATC”

Services: Concept Design, Technical Design, Detail Design

Year: 2021

The purpose of the large size waste and other waste collection site is to collect those municipal waste that cannot be thrown into containers built on the streets. The estimated amount of waste accepted at the site is 40,000t/m, of which the amount of hazardous waste is 4t/m.
Project solutions include a part of the land plot southeast of the current site. The project foresees the extension of the existing waste sorting site, internal access roads, parking lot for the transport of workers and visitors, pedestrian path, storage and administrative buildings. Waste sorting boxes made of prefabricated concrete modular elements. In the north-eastern part of the site – a storage building. The administrative building is designed closest to the new entrance to the land plot. There is a place for charging visitor’s electric cars in the parking lot. For disabled people there are two parking spots closest to the entrance to the administrative building.
It is planned to install two photovoltaic power plants connected to the common electricity distribution network.