Other purpose engineering structure (automatic gas stations) Ukmergės str. 326, Vilnius, Construction project


Services: Concept Design

Year: 2021

The automatic gas station will be serving cars. A roof is designed to protect the car refuelling area from precipitation, a special stand to indicate the price and type of fuel, a technical container with a rectangular shape and 2×50 m³ underground liquid fuel tanks.

The construction scheme of the buildings, finishing materials and colour solution, technological layout is planned according to the existing design of the gas station network. Gas station guns with an automatic valve that prevent fuel from escaping when the gun is pulled out. The fuel dispenser has devices that automatically shut off (stop) the fuel pump when the customer drives with a gun in the fuel tank, ensuring there are no fuel spills at the site. Reservoirs and stations are equipped with a system for the return of vapours – volatile organic compounds.