Service building (smart self-service storage building) Ukmergės str. 326, Vilnius, Construction project

Client: JSC “Self Storage Pašilaičiai”

Services: Concept Design, Technical Design, Detail Design

Year: 2021-2022

The smart self-service storage building is designed in the south-eastern part of the land plot. A four-storey building with a rectangular parallelepiped, with an included first-second floors part at the main entrance/unloading area. It is planned to install an electric car charging station, bicycle stands and 18 parking spaces. A fully automated heating system generating heat from renewable energy sources is provided to cover the heat demand of the facility and to maintain and regulate the microclimate parameters of the premises. The storage service enabling customers to use storage units of various sizes (volume / area) by using a smart self-service system. In a broader context, the storage service implements the principle of a sharing economy, reducing the need for the construction of storage facilities while reducing the use of natural resources.