Residential purpose (for persons of various social groups) building in Šiauliai

Client: Šiauliai City Municipality Administration

Services: Concept Design, Technical Design, Detail Design

Year: 2020-2021

Residential purpose building designed to ensure appropriate conditions for the provision of long-term social care services (for the elderly and / or adults with disabilities) and a day centre for the activities of the elderly and adults with disabilities.

In the undeveloped part of the land plot, zones are planned for the activities of the building residents – walking paths, outdoor gazebo, benches, outdoor chess table. The building is designed by functionally separating the areas – residential, auxiliary, needs of residents (leisure and therapy).

This project applies BIM solutions throughout the life cycle of a building: planning, design, construction and operation. The goal of quality control is to reduce the number of collisions and corrections / alterations in the model during project implementation.