Region municipal waste management system

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Client: Marijampole waste management center
Completion: 2011
Cost of construction: 13,2 mln. Eur.


The aim of the project is to develop the capacity for management of biodegradable waste, resulting in lower pollution of the ground water and soil, as well as the negative effect on human health, caused by the landfill of waste, and to provide universally available quality services of public municipal waste management. The project includes the construction of new plant for mechanical and biological treatment of municipal waste in Marijampolė region and the installation works of support systems. The works are financed by the EU (according to the Cohesion Promotion Action Programs) and from the funds of Marijampolė district waste management centre, UAB.
Progress of the project: in order to select a management system development strategy most appropriate for the Marijampolė region, Marijampolė district waste management centre, UAB has ordered a feasibility study, which was completed in 2010 m., selection of documents on environmental impact for the implementation of the most feasible alternative was carried out, an application for the EU financing was prepared and approved. Currently acquisition documents of the works and services included in the project are being finished.
Expected results: after the implementation of the project the stream of mixed municipal waste collected from the Marijampole district (approx. 70 thousand t/year) will be treated in the mechanical treatment plant, which will maximise separation of metal, plastic waste and the reclaimed fuel fraction. The separated biodegradable materials will be processed in the dry anaerobic fermentation plant, the reclaimed biogas will be used for energy production. Thus it will be possible to reduce the amount of municipal waste disposed of in the landfill by as much as 65 per cent, also ensuring the implementation of legal requirements for waste separation, waste recycling and disposal of biodegradable waste in landfill.