Mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant

Kaunas regional mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant design
Client: VšĮ „Kauno regiono atliekų tvarkymo centras“ (Kaunas regional waste management centre)
Contractor: Consortium RTS
Completion: 2015
Construction value – 35,9 M EUR.


Construction took place at Kaunas city. Capacity of Kaunas regional mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant – 220.000 t/a of municipal solid waste. The biodegradable waste, RDF and recyclables will be separated in the mechanical treatment process. Biodegradable waste will be treated in the composting tunnels producing technical compost. Also, there is possibility to use biodrying process and use dried biodegradable material in Waste-to-Energy plant. Almost 100.000 t/a of RDF could be produced.
Project is financed by EU Cohesion fund and Client.