Construction design of manufacture purpose building

Construction design of manufacture purpose building, Verslo str. 15A, Kumpiai village, Kaunas District Municipality
Client: JSC “Laktopolis”
Completion: 2016
Construction value – 6.54 million EUR.


Construction design of manufacture purpose building – factory. Dry milk products are being packed into the smaller containers (from 100 g and up to 1 kg) packages and temporary storing in storage area, which is provided in projected building. It also provides selection of dry milk products for the production of dry sauces. Creation of base composition for the dry sauce by evaluating applications is provided in laboratory housing, also the preparation of dry sauce technology, creation of recipes and experimental manufacturing of dry mixes of dairy products, which will be carried out in manufacturing area.
Storage and administrative premises are also provided in projected manufacture purpose building. Administrative purpose premises are arranged over three building floors, and manufacturing and storage purpose premises – in one floor. Employees domestic manufacturing and storage premises is designed to have connection with administrative as well as manufacturing and storage areas.